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National hourly 50th percentile by auspice


Oakland, NJ, October 2015--The national hourly rate for Telehealth Assessment Nurses in home health is $29.30, according to the 2015-2016 Home Care Salary & Benefits Report, just released by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS).  Hospital-based home health agencies paid the highest rate of $35.70, compared to $33.00 at Visiting Nurse Associations (VNA)/Visiting Nurse Services (VNS), followed by $29.56 at not-for-profit agencies, and $26.50 at for-profit agencies.  Although not a new role, the advancement in technology has allowed for the rapid need for Telehealth Assessment Nurses.  For a first-year surveyed position, 156 FTEs data was provided, highlighting the growth of the position.

1,651 home health agencies participated in the study.   The complete 258-page Report contains 64 jobs reporting on salaries, bonuses, and hourly & per visit rates.  Data are reported by state, county, nine geographic regions, nationally, and according to agency type and revenue size.  Also included are 18 fringe benefits, planned percent increases, turnover rates, and personnel policies.

The Report may be purchased from HCS for $325.  A separate Hospice Salary & Benefits Report will be available in November. In addition to the Reports, the salary/hourly/visit results may be purchased in Excel.  The Reports may be ordered online at www.hhcsinc.com or by calling HCS at (201) 405‑0075.

Highlights of the Report include:

  • The expanded benefits section reported 99.9% of agencies offered health insurance
  • The average percent of health insurance paid by agencies ranged from:  71.3%-80.9%
  • Data reported includes salary, hourly and per visit rates
  • Percentile rankings for wages: 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th and average

With over 44 years’ experience in national healthcare salary and benefits research, Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service is recognized for its comprehensive, responsible and reliable 11 specialized ReportsHCS provides the source for establishing and maintaining an effective compensation program.  A must for any human resource team!

To order, visit the HCS website at www.hhcsinc.com or call (201) 405-0075.

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