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New Rehab Study Shows PT Hourly Rate Increases

October 2017--The recently published HCS Rehabilitation Salary & Benefits Report shows the actual percent increase in pay for Physical Therapists (PTs) in hospitals was 2.52%.  PTs in home health agencies received a 2.33% increase, while long-term care PTs showed a modest 2.24% increase.  These reflect the actual percent increase as reported by study participants for the period 7/2016 through 6/2017. 

In long-term care, the lowest PT hourly rate was reported in Sioux Falls, SD, where the 50th percentile was $33.00.  Metro NYC showed an hourly rate of $48.21; the Washington, DC metro area rate was $48.31; and the highest rate of $49.48 was in Stockton, CA.  (All data reflect the 50th percentile.)

Hospital PTs showed the lowest hourly rate in Albany/Schenectady, NY at $34.75.  The 50th percentile in Metro NYC was $42.42.  California reported the highest rates, with PTs in the Los Angeles area receiving $44.17; followed by San Diego at $44.61, with the highest paid in San Francisco at $46.75.  (All data reflect the 50th percentile.)

4,200 total facilities participated in the study, including 2,400+ long-term care facilities, 1,150+ hospitals, and 500+ home health agencies.  The Report covers 19 therapy jobs, salaries, bonuses, hourly and per diem rates.  Included also are fringe benefits data and planned/actual percent increases.  Data are reported by state, CBSA, and region. 

With over 45 years’ experience in national healthcare salary and benefits research, Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service is recognized for its comprehensive and reliable specialized Reports. HCS provides the source for establishing and maintaining an effective compensation program.  A must for any human resource team!

To order, visit the HCS website at www.hhcsinc.com or call (201) 405‑0075.


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